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Bio Cubes

Biological Urinal Blocks have been specially formulated to reduce odour problems and blockages in urinals. New strains of bacteria have been introduced to the biological and enzymatic cleaning efficacy to remove fats, uric-scale and solids that build up in urinal traps and pipe-work causing odours and blockages. Citrus perfumed and water soluble, Toss Blocks efficiently eradicate the source of this problem, providing substantial savings on both washroom maintenance and water bills as the need for constant flushing and more regular cleaning is reduced.

  • 100% Biodegradable, Cost effective & safe to use
  • Prevents the block of taps & pipe
  • Contains odour neutralising perfume
  • Save Water
  • Suitable for all type of urinals & troughs
  • Removes the cause of odours

Packing size: 1 Kg.

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