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Klean Nova Dishwasher Detergent

Klean Nova Is a concentrated liquid mechanical ware washing detergent for automatic diswasher, specially formulated to provide excellent soil removal in hard water conditions. It is a heavy duty alkaline liquid detergent which is suitable for use in a wide range of single and multi-tank dishwasher machines. It contains a blend of caustic alkali and scale control agents, which will provide excellent soil removal. The high level of powerful scale control agents will also prevent scaling in hard water conditions.

  • Cuts through grease and dried-on food.
    • Being highly concentrated gives greater economy in use.
    • Prevents scaling of the dish wash machine even in hard water condition.
    • Non foaming detergent for dishwashing machine.
  • Non-perfumed, thus leaves no taint or smell on cleansed items.
  • Ecologically safe.

** KLEAN NOVA has to be preferably dosed with dosing pumps. However, manual dosing is also possible.

Packing size: 5 ltr. & 20 ltr.

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