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Klean Rinse Dishwasher Rinsing Aid

Klean Rinse is a low foam dishwasher rinsing additive for machine ware washing. Klean Rinse is a standard neutral rinse additive. It has been specially formulated for use in a wide range of ware washing machines. The product contains a special blend of non-ionic surfactants for rapid, spot and streak free drying on all cleaned surfaces in soft and medium hard water conditions. Klean Rinse is also supplied in Safe Pack packaging, providing a closed system to prevent personal exposure and reduce confusion. • Ensures quick drying
• Gives streak and spot-free results
• Low foaming action for more efficient operation
• highly concentrated liquid drying and Alkali neutralizer for Dishwasher machine
**KLEAN RINS has to be preferably dosed with dosing pumps. However, manual dosing is also possible

Packing size: 5 ltr. & 20 ltr.

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