(Fabric Cleaner)

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Graino Fabric Cleaner is an active upholstery foam cleaner formulated for gently and quickly removing dirt from various types of upholstery, velour’s, carpets and vehicle coverings. It forms crystals as the foam dries out, which effectively cleans out all the dirt leaving a fresh fragrance behind.

How to Use:  Dilute the product with around 10 times of water, Dip a soft brush in the solution and start brushing on the surface. Brush vigorously to generate good leather, Lift the residue with clean microfiber cloth, Let it air dry for few hours. Repeat treatment in the case of very dirty upholstery or spots of heavy soiling.

Packing size: 5 ltr.



  • Removes All Dirt, Oil, Grease & Various Stains
  • pH-Neutral Formula
  • Pleasant, fresh aroma in the interior at all times
  • Dries fast leaving surface clean and fresh
  • Concentrated formula

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Weight 5 kg