K1 – Washroom Cleaner Cum Sanitizer

1,321.00 Inc. GST

K1 is a concentrated bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer and de-odorizer. Its anti-microbial agent is very effective to kill most of bacteria, algae, molds and fungi which could possibly create stains, malodors and potential health hazards. K1 is a fully formulated cleaner cum sanitizer for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in the bathroom viz tub, tiles, floor and fittings etc.

Packing size: 5 ltr.



  • Pleasant, Fresh room care fragrance
  • Does not contain any abrasives or bleach.
  • Safe for use on marble and granite, etc.
  • Appropriate for daily use.
  • Effectively and gently removes stains, dirt and water-soluble residues.
  • Keeps the surfaces hygienically clean and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

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