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  • Sale! Marble crystallization chemical

    Miracle is a product used for wet crystallization and protection of calcareous stone floors.


    • Quickly achieves a mirror-like shine thanks to a combined chemical and mechanical action 
    • Reduces water and dirt penetrability, thus facilitating daily cleaning and maintenance. 
    • Increases contour acuity and intensifies the natural appearance of the stone 
    • Significantly improves slip-resistance
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  • Sale! floor cleaner

    K2 is a concentrated Floor and General purpose cleaner cum sanitizer and de-odorizer. It is ideal for the quick and gentle cleaning of hard surface. It quickly and gently removes oily and water-soluble residues and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Regular use of K2 hinders lime scale build-up. 

    • Does not contain any abrasives or bleach.
    • Safe for use on marble and granite, etc.
    • Appropriate for daily use.
    • Effectively and gently removes stains, dirt and water-soluble residues.
    • Keeps the surfaces hygienically clean and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

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  • Sale! handwash, liquid handwash

    Perfect for every-day use, the K21-Max Rose hand wash gently cleanses hard-working hands with moisturizing glycerine. Skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and beautifully scented. Our ultra-rich formula combines excellent cleansing with ingredients that moisturize to create the ultimate hand wash. This extraordinary cleanser cares for hands, keeping them feeling renewed, soft and supple. 

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  • Sale! liquid hand soap

    K22 is rich, thick, pearlized, moisturizing liquid hand soap. It cleans hand gently and effectively removing dirt, grime and germs. Indulgent foam that leave hands feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.


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  • Sale! liquid hand wash

    K23 enriched with glycerine and a pH balanced formula, clinically proven to be mild on skin, to give you healthy, nourished and soft hands. The classic Green Apple fragrance leaves hands smelling fresh while looking beautiful.


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  • Sale! Glass Cleaner

    K3 is a concentrated Cleaner for cleaning all types of glass and mirrors like windows, glass display cases and mirrors. It is a multi-surface cleaner for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces.


    • Highly effective neutral product
    • Dries quickly without streaking
    • Leaves a pleasant and fresh Room Care fragrance behind
    • Easy spray-on, wipe-off action
    • Rapidly removes finger-marks
    • Ideal for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces, eg. windows, mirrors, tiles, etc.

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  • Sale! Wood Maintainer

    K4 is a product formulated for wooden furniture maintenance. When used daily it cleans and leaves a deep, lustrous shine on wooden furniture. It is a non-aerosol furniture polish for the quick and easy maintenance of wood and laminated hard surfaces (e.g. furniture, doors). 


    • Dries quickly
    • Buffable to a high gloss
    •  Formulated with high-quality maintenance ingredients
    • Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance
    • Rapid spray-on and polish action
    • Cleans, shines and protects in one step


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  • Sale! air freshener

    K5 is a water-based air freshener featuring pleasing floral perfumes which deodorize guestrooms, banquet halls and office rooms. 


    • Deodorizes air to leave rooms smelling fresh and clean
    • Supports total room freshness when used alongside Room Care cleaning products
    • Water-based air freshener.
    • Does not use ozone-depleting aerosols
    • Economical cost in use
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  • Sale! toilet cleaner

    K6 is an effective toilet bowl cleaner specially formulated to remove lime-scale deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean. 


    • Regular use prevents lime-scale build-up.
    • Ideal viscosity for extended contact time
    • Dissolves urine deposits, lime, rust and soap deposit
    • High viscosity ensures good adhesion to toilet bowl and urinals
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  • Sale! ss polish, stainless steel polish

    K7 is a ready to use polish for use on stainless steel surfaces, which are not used for the preparation of food like refrigerator, freezer doors, trolleys, dishwashing machines etc. It is designed to care outside surfaces of stainless steel equipment, accessories, grills, and stair supports, etc. It protects against water splashes and food stains and leaves surfaces bright and sparkling as new.


    • The special blend of oils provides protection and leaves a shiny surface.
    • Helps protect surfaces by forming a protective film.
    • Keep surfaces looking good, with a smooth lustre.
    • Resists finger marks and water spotting to maintain a polished appearance for longer.
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  • Sale! oil and grease remover

    K8 (concentrated) is an eco-friendly formulation for use in removing fresh and aged oil stains and other petroleum-based product stains from concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, porcelain, gravel, soil, sand, etc. It is a powerful alkaline industrial degreaser for the effective removal of mineral / synthetic oils, tar, grease, carbon soot etc. Spark is mainly targeted for soil removal on heavily soiled floors. This can also be used for low and medium soil conditions at a lower concentrations.


    • Fast acting
    • High emulsifying power
    • Low foaming
    • Removes thoroughly mineral / synthetic oils, tar, grease, carbon soot etc.
    • Suitable for use with scrubber-driers, single disc machines, wet mopping systems on concrete or Kota floors.
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  • Sale! scale remover for bathroom

    K9 is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom viz. sink, tub, tiles and fittings. It is specifically formulated for hard water conditions. Regular usage of K9 prevents scale deposition on walls and fittings. 


    • Does not contain any abrasives, hence will not scratch bathroom surfaces.
    • Contains actives to prevent scale deposition. Hence it is ideally suited for use in hard water locations.
    • Concentrated for economy of use.
    • Quickly removes skin oils, stains, dirt and watermarks.
    • Fresh room care fragrance.
    • Color and alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes.
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  • Sale! Multi-surface disinfectant liquid

    Klean Bac contains chlorine donor and is highly effective against food poisoning bacteria. It is very effective to clean and disinfects all surfaces in one step. The product is suitable for all surfaces in food premises. It’s suitable for sanitizing and cleaning to freezers, dishwashers, kitchen cloths, food trolleys, chopping boards, vending machines etc.

    • Wide spectrum of bacteria killed
    • Multipurpose formula
    • Non-perfumed
    • Effective in all water conditions
    • Cleans and disinfects in one application.
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  • Sale! Stainless steel utensil cleaner

    Klean clo contains powerful enzyme and surfactant to penetrate, loosen and dissolve stubborn and dries on food soil from the utensils, its excellent for pre-soaking stainless, Steel flatware and other utensils used in restaurant or food processing plant. It is a chlorine-based cleaner, sanitizer cum sparkling with detergency.

    • Contains a blend of actives that help in loosening grease and dried-on food stains 
    • Gentle on hands
    • Fully biodegradable 
    • Concentrated for economy in use
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  • Sale! liquid dishwashing detergent

    Klean Det is a concentrated manual dishwashing liquid, effective in removing all grease and food soils. The product is a scientifically blended, balanced liquid detergent containing mixed actives and special ingredients to enhance cleaning performance. Klean Det is ideally suited for manual cleaning of all soiled crockery, cutlery and utensils, including pots and pans. It’s Contains a blend of actives to eliminate grease and dried-on food stains.
    • Leaves tableware scratch-free and streak-free.
    • Gentle on hands.
    • Fully biodegradable.
    • Concentrated for economy of use. When used as recommended (for normal soiling)

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  • Sale! Foam Liquid Handwash

    Klean Foam is an invigorating and protecting hand wash that does more than just cleaning your hands. Our gentle moisturizing formula will cleanse thoroughly while leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth.  Its free of dyes and Parabens and scented with mild fragrance.


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