Bathroom Cleaner(500 ml x 28 pcs)

2,940.00 Inc. GST

KleanFix Bathroom Cleaner is multi-Surface cleaner, uniquely formulated for removing hard water scale, stubborn spot, soap scum etc. It’s recommended for difficult to clean washroom stains, use on ceramics, tiles, marble, glass, fibreglass, stainless steel and other washable surface.

Pack Size: 500 ml X 28 PCS



  • Pleasant, Fresh room care fragrance
  • Does not contain any abrasives or bleach.
  • Safe for use on marble and granite, etc.
  • Appropriate for daily use.
  • Effectively and gently removes stains, dirt and water-soluble residues.
  • Keeps the surfaces hygienically clean and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  • Minimum order quantity should be 1 carton

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500 ml