Utensil Cleaner/ Dishwash (500 ml x 30 pcs)

2,850.00 Inc. GST

Kleanfix utensil cleaner uniquely formulated by powerful active molecules cut away tough grease residue, removes food smell and leaves the utensils sparkling clean. It is a high-foaming, hard-working, multi-purpose detergent for manual cleaning of utensils & kitchen equipment. The powerful detergency cuts through heavy soil, yet mild to hands.

Pack Size: 500 ml X 30 PCS




  • Leaves tableware scratch-free and streak-free.
  • Gentle on hands.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • Concentrated for economy of use. When used as recommended (for normal soiling)
  • Minimum order quantity should be 1 carton

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