Toilet Cleaner(500 ml x 30 pcs)

2,940.00 Inc. GST

It is a specialized product for all your toilet cleaning needs. Now get more yellowish stain remove, resulting in sparkling clean, hygienic & fresh toilet, with every use. Its Non-abrasive formula base cleaner that will not scratch surfaces and is safe to use in septic tanks. Kleanfix toilet Cleaner provides better cleaning than the regular bleach and detergents.

Pack Size: 500 ml X 30 PCS




  • Regular use prevents lime-scale build-up.
  • Ideal viscosity for extended contact time.
  • Dissolves urine deposits, lime, rust and soap deposits
  • High viscosity ensures good adhesion to toilet bowl and urinals
  • Minimum order quantity should be 1 carton

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Weight 5 kg

200 ml, 500 ml