Klean Pro – Oxi
(Oxygen Bleach Powder)

435.00 Inc. GST

Klean Pro-Oxi is a concentrated laundry bleach powder specially formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. It can be particularly effective in tackling stains and brightening clothes in the laundry. It’s effective on a wide verity of soils & stains with superior color safe bleaching action. Use with all washable linen and water condition.

Pack Size : 1 Kg



  • Excellent bleach for all types of clothing, including color. Safe on colored linen.
  • Can be used simultaneously in the main wash with detergent and booster.
  • Economical dosage control.
  • Minimal damage to fabric and colors when it used as per instructions for use.
  • Provides good hygiene

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Weight 5 kg