Kleanpro Fab Soft
(Fabric Softner)

1,380.00 Inc. GST

(Professional Fabric Softener)
KleanPro- Fabsoft is made with naturally derived surfactants & multi Enzymes that reduce the hold of stains on fabrics. Retains the colour and texture of your clothes. Its use in commercial and on premises laundries, this concentrated fabric conditioner with added perfume utilizes a blend of anti-static fabric conditioning agents that are designed to give a long lasting residual effect and leave fabrics with a soft feel and fresh fragrance. It coats the surface of the fibre with an invisible layer which has lubricating qualities, makes the fibres feel smoother and prevents the build – up of static electricity.

Doses: Add 2.0 to 4.0 ml per kg of laundry

Usages Direction: KleanPro-Fabsoft Liquid Fabric Softener can be added manually or with automatic dispensing equipment to the last rinse cycle.

Packing size: 5 ltr.



  • Prevents color fading due to frequent detergent wash
  • It leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance on the fabrics even on high temperature
  • Advance formulation and does not cause yellowing

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