Kleanpro Emuls
(Fabric Emulsifier)

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It is a superior degreaser-emulsifier designed for use in commercial and institutional laundry operations. It contains emulsifiers, synthetic surfactants and water soluble solvents. Its highly active solvent based formula to remove grease-bounds, aluminous and pigment bound soils. Its easily remove the oily, greasy constituents of soiling and staining including body fats and fatty proteins. It may also be used in laundering greasy tablecloths, uniforms, spa cloths & towel etc.

Pack Size : 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr



  • Penetrate fabrics to lift oil stains.
  • Help the detergent to work its way easily.
  • Active at wide temperature.


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Weight 5 kg

20L, 5L