Kleanpro Destainer
(Laundry Chlorine Bleach)

525.00 Inc. GST

(Professional Fabric Destainer & Brightener)
KleanPro laundry destainer features a highly-concentrated chlorine bleach formula designed to clean even your dirtiest laundry. This product is enhanced with whitening and stain removal properties and can bring the white color back to your aprons, towels, and uniforms etc. also keep your laundry clothes sanitized and disinfected. Its helps in getting rid of the grayish and yellowish colors from white linen.

Usages Direction:
It is recommended to be used during the bleaching cycle at low water level with water temperature of 60-70 C.

Please DO NOT pour Bleach directly onto clothes, make sure you dilute the liquid before adding the clothes. DO NOT use on Wool or silk. Avoid splashing on colored clothes as it causes discoloration.

Packing size: 5 ltr.



  • Removes odors, stains, and keeps whites bright.
  • It is fabric friendly and safe.

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